Scott Mead Fine Art Photography

London  |  New York

Autumn is presented in a circular format, more fully explained below, and expresses transition in the cycle of the seasons and of life. In this image, the structure of the gnarled and somewhat battered tree reflects the complex journey and directional changes which life often involves. The strong back lighting, illuminating the tree and its leaves, gives a positive sense of warmth and energy. The tree itself has begun to drop leaves and many, if not most, of its apples lie on the ground, suggesting the beginning of the tree's own transition towards winter. The overturned basket, perhaps soon to be filled with apples, hints at the possibility and fullness of the seasons, even in the face of approaching winter.


Autumn was made with a large format 8x10 inch film, and the circular image was created with a lens whose projection does not entirely cover the negative. The perspective therefore, wide but not distorted, captures the entire field of what the lens and also the photographer's eye 'sees', rather than being limited and defined by the more familiar rectangular or square format of a conventional camera or screen. The circle encourages the eye to remain within the image and not be distracted by edges or defined limits. 

Scott Mead



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